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Jollification | Jollification: Naturally Clean Cosmetics & Care Products
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We believe in healthier, better, beautiful skin care for a healthier, better, beautiful  planet.

My background is in sustainability and I have been making my own products and formulations for the past 20 years. I decided to make a business of it because I found it difficult to find products that smelled gorgeous, were authentic and responsible, and did what they said they would. Jollification is exceedingly choosy with ingredients, formulations and packaging to give the best possible experience, while keeping our values of Sustainability, Do no harm and Responsible sourcing and production. We offer Sustainable Business Practices Coaching as part of our sustainability and responsible practice initiatives, to small producers. Everything Jollification makes is handmade with love and the finest ingredients.

– Julia Morisset, founder of Jollification

Indulgent, Clean Cosmetics & Care Products

Best foot lotion ever!
These lotion bars are so cute!! Also, they moisturize deeply without feeling oily. My feet love them!

They do take a little bit of coaxing (read: rubbing vigorously between your hands) to melt down enough, so they are best used fresh out of a hot shower, on warm skin. However, the higher melting point also means they won’t spontaneously turn into puddles on a hot day.
- Ana, Ottawa


Can’t live without it!
My absolute favourite product in my bathroom. I use this literally every single day. Not only does it work better than regular deodorant (I ran out one day and had to buy some Nivea, couldn’t stand it!), it smells wonderful, works for a good 24 hours (no concerns of body odor after hitting the gym in the evening), and has made the skin in my armpits incredibly smooth with its skin calming properties. No more ingrown hairs from shaving, yay! My boyfriend keeps mentioning how nice my “cream” smells in the morning, little does he know it’s just my deodorant. Thanks for this amazing product!
- Chantal, Ottawa

What are clean cosmetics?

The term “clean” is meant to indicate that the product is free from ingredients harmful to humans, other animals or the environment.

Lavender, Milk & Honey Soap

Lovely soaps
Placed a customized order of this soap to give as party favors at my baby shower and it was a complete hit. All my guests loved the delicate details and they loved the soap even more.
The scent is delightful, the texture feels amazing and will leave your skin soft.

- Mishelle, Miami

I love the salve and use it every day. I tend to have dry skin, and I use the salve a lot- including as a lip balm. Its very delicate scent is never overbearing; it feels right. And I discovered it does wonders on my feet too!
- Kinet, Ottawa

Jollification makes naturally clean cosmetics that are beautiful, effective and indulgent in Ottawa & Santo Domingo.

We are exceedingly choosy with our ingredients : everything is made to be good for you, your family, and the environment.

Our natural soap & clean cosmetics smell like real things, because that’s what they are made from. We use the finest local & imported ingredients to make high quality, effective, indulgent, products that will make you feel jollified and leaving you smelling even better. You’ll smell nutty butters, bright essential oils, sweet waxes and soft oils, never any harsh medicinal, clinical or artificial smells. Everything is made to make you jolly. So go ahead, smell our honey orange creamsicle soap, revel in the oriental floral and sensual hair oil and happily plunge your nose into our Bulgarian rose salve. We know we do. They’ll leave your hair & skin feeling lushly groomed and very much indulged.

Free shipping in Canada with orders over 60$